Ruling the Late Game: Meet the Super Strong Assassins in Mobile Legends
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In the exciting world of Mobile Legends, Assassins are like the speedy ninjas, quick and sneaky, ready to change the whole game. Today, let’s talk about the late-game action and get to know the top 5 Assassins who become absolute legends after the first 15 minutes.

Getting the Late Game Vibe in Mobile Legends

Before we get into the cool stuff, let’s quickly talk about early, mid, and late-game in Mobile Legends. Late-game is when things get really interesting, usually after 15 minutes. Heroes tagged as late-game are like superheroes – they get stronger and more powerful during this time.

The heroes we’re talking about might seem regular or not that tough in the beginning, but when the late game hits, they turn into real heroes.

1. Nolan: The New Assassin Sensation 

Nolan is the new kid in the Land of Dawn, and he’s making a Mobile Legends big splash. With a whopping 90% win rate in the Mythic tier, Nolan is the star during the Draft Pick phase. While he needs to farm well in the early and mid-game, once the late game arrives, Nolan becomes a total game-changer. His moves can take down Mages, Marksmen, and even Fighters. In Season 31, Nolan is considered a META hero with super cool skills.

2. Hayabusa: The Shadow Ninja 

Hayabusa is the Assassin with a killer move called Shadow Kill. He secures his spot as a late-game assassin by farming quickly with his third skill and stacking up power with the first one. With items that reduce cooldown, Hayabusa can use Shadow Kill a lot. His moves and ultimate become super powerful in the late game, making it easy to take down Marksmen and Mages. A well-equipped Hayabusa can even give Tanks a hard time with his main items.

3. Saber: The Super Precise Assassin 

Saber is like the sniper of Assassins in Mobile Legends. He can lock onto one target and take them down. Although he might find it tough in the early game, once he gets his main damage items, Saber can be a hero-wrecker with his second skill and ultimate. Saber becomes a strong force in late-game team fights, capable of quickly defeating enemy heroes.

4. Joy: The Explosive Attacker 

Joy might not have the biggest damage in the late game, but her explosive moves and combos can quickly disable important heroes. A skilled Joy player, with quick reflexes, can mess up the enemy formation easily. The immunity effect gives Joy a big advantage in battles. If you master her second skill, Meow, Rhythm of Joy, she can totally change the SLOTJARWO game in the late phase.

5. Lesley: The Sharpshooting Assassin 

Lesley is a hybrid hero, both a Marksman and an Assassin, making her special. Even though she’s commonly seen in lower tiers, Lesley stays competitive in Season 31’s META. In the late game, Lesley can skip boots and buy two Blade of Despair items. Once she’s all set up, Lesley can bring down enemies in just two or three hits. Her late-game power makes her a hero to keep an eye on.

Final Thoughts: Late Game Heroes Rule 

So, there you go – the top 5 Assassins that become super strong in the late game of Mobile Legends. If you’re planning to climb up the ranks, these heroes could be your secret weapons. Jump into the late-game action, and let these Assassins lead you to victory!