Apex Legends Art Mystery: Is it AI or Just Artistic Tricks?
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Hey there, gaming pals! Apex Legends and EA are in the spotlight, and it’s all about some possible AI art in the pictures for the Final Fantasy VII team-up. Let’s dive into why folks are talking about these images and figure out if there’s some AI magic behind it.

Art and AI in Apex Legends: Mixing It Up

Guess what? Apex Legends wanted to add some spice to the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event. Sounds cool, huh? Well, not so fast. Sharp-eyed artists on Twitter noticed something a bit off in the promo pics. It seems like AI might have played a role in making the art, and that’s got the gaming community talking.

Why the Buzz About AI?

No official talk from EA or Apex Legends yet, but people are buzzing about some clues in the artwork. Hands, those tricky things, seem to be giving it away. AI struggles with hands because there isn’t a ton of stuff for it to learn from. Check out Valkyrie in her Yuffie-style pose – those fingers look like they’re doing a dance of their own. And oh boy, her right hand has this melting look, a classic AI oopsie as it tries to mix things up. Even the belts on her chest got caught up in the melting mess.

Wraith’s Tifa skin promo art has the same hand hurdles. Sneaky AI, right?

The Yuffie Costume Puzzle in Apex Legends

Now, let’s chat about Wattson’s moment in the spotlight. She’s showing off an alternate Yuffie costume in Apex Legends, taking a cue from Final Fantasy’s style. Yuffie, a cool character from the Final Fantasy Remake DLC, starts with this Mog-themed cloak. And guess what? Mogs are like Final Fantasy superstars. But here’s the twist – the AI might have had a bit of trouble figuring out this tricky reference when making Wattson’s look.

Once Yuffie ditches the cloak, her famous green crop top and shorts steal the SLOTBANGJAGO show. Now, for an AI, this means there’s not a lot of material to use, and the hood design of Yuffie’s cloak? Not your usual fashion, huh? The “Mog” on her sleeve? Looks more like an AI’s take on abstract art than a human touch. And don’t get us started on Wattson’s backpack – Final Fantasy-themed, sure, but with USB ports? That’s a modern twist for you. Oh, and that melting AI look? It’s back, showing up on Wattson’s gear too.

The Mystery Continues

So, are these quirks in the art a sign of AI doing its thing, or are the artists just adding their special touch? No official word from EA or Apex Legends just yet, but the gaming community is talking. Whether it’s the work of a digital artist or a sneaky AI, one thing’s clear – these images have sparked a lively chat in the gaming world. Get ready for more twists and turns in this art adventure!