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Big changes in NYC schools. The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, is making big money changes in the city’s schools. He wants to cut about $550 million from the school budget this year. These changes will affect many different school programs and jobs that help students.

Quick Changes and What They Mean

The changes will happen soon and could affect programs like free preschool and a program called Summer Rising. Some of the savings will come from not hiring new people for some jobs in the schools. This might mean fewer people helping in the offices and supporting the schools.

Saving Money and What It Affects

The city is also trying to spend less money on some staff members. This could save about $86 million, but it’s not clear who exactly this might affect.

What’s Coming Next

The Mayor has asked all city departments, including schools, to spend 5% less money this year. And there might be more cuts in January and in 2024. This could mean that schools will have to cut about $2.1 billion altogether. This is a lot of money, especially because the whole school budget is about $37.5 billion.

Next Year’s Plans

In the next school year, there might be $120 million less for a program called Universal Pre-K. This program helps many 3- and 4-year-old kids. There are some empty spots in the program, so they might remove some of those spots.

Concerns and Questions

Some people are worried that these changes might make it harder for kids and families to get the help they need. Some special programs might have less money, like ones that help kids learn computer science or community schools.

Summer Program Changes

A popular program called Summer Rising might have less money too. This could mean shorter days or no programs on Fridays for some kids. Many kids liked this program last year, but it might not be the same this time.

Different Opinions

The Mayor thinks these changes are necessary because the city needs to save money. But some people, like teachers, think it’s not a good idea because the city has more money than they expected.

Worries for Some Kids

Some groups are worried that kids who need extra help might not get it because of these changes. They are especially worried about kids with special needs or kids who don’t have a permanent home.

Schools and Money Problems

These changes are happening when the city won’t get as much extra money from the government as it did before. Some schools already had to give back money because they didn’t have as many students as they thought they would.