Three Things you Don’t Think of When Getting a Dog

Rowan and I brought our new dog Psylocke, or Locke for short, home about a month ago. It’s been a whirlwind of a month, and we’re loving almost every moment of it. While there’s definitely been an adjustment period, there’s no denying that we love the excitement in her eyes when she sees us. Her eyes light up after we’ve been gone for anywhere from five minutes to or five hours.

There are a lot of things we knew to expect when we got her but some we didn’t realize until after the fact. Here are three things we’re learning as we go.

How Dog Hair Affects Air Quality

How Dog Hair Affects Air Quality

I definitely didn’t think about how having a dog would affect the quality of the air in our tiny little home. Pets and people produce dander and dead skin cells that can cause watery eyes and itchy throats.

It’s important to make sure you vacuum carpets and wash your clothes, bedsheets, and other places where dead skin cells collect. This helps keep the air clean and fresh for both you and your new furrrrend.

Another great suggestion is to buy snake plants or spider plants to help purify the air. I have a growing collection of plants, and they’re my little babies that I love nearly as much as my new favourite furbaby.

How Much Time Walks Actually Take

We got Locke in January, right in the middle of a cold winter. Whenever we take her for a walk, which is usually three to four times a day, we have to bundle up in the whole works: boots, sweaters, coats, hat, and mitts. This takes a surprising amount of time to do.

You also have to count the time it takes to bundle up your pet. Locke is only 12 pounds, so she needs her sweater during the winter. By the time we’re outside, we’ve already spent 10 minutes trying to get ready.

While you are walking around for 15 minutes hoping they’ll do their business, they’re busy sniffing everything while you freeze. They’re also trying to say “hello” to every dog, pigeon, person, or piece of garbage along the way.

How Much You Will Love Them

How Much You Will Love Your Dog

My mom has always said that having a dog is like having a child. She thinks that everyone should have a dog before they decide to have a child, so they get a sense of what they’re in for.

Locke is 2, so she’s pretty well potty trained. She knows basic manners, and she’s a quick learner. We’re going to take her to training to deal with her tantrums, which can have results like ruining Rowan’s new watch. Overall she’s able to take care of herself, though, unlike actually having a child.

On a psychological level, humans want to bond with both other humans and pets. So it’s pretty natural that we begin to love our pets just like we would our children. It’s only been a month, and I can’t believe how much we have bonded with our little Locke.

In many ways, my mom was right. While we don’t physically have to treat her like she is a child, emotionally we can definitely see how one could feel this way. I never realized how much you could love a dog, since my dog was mean to me as a kid. I also never realized how much I would worry about Locke throughout the day, whether she’s with me or not.

Maybe that’s what my mom meant after all.

What are some things you didn’t realize before getting a dog?

  • helena

    So cute! I imagine the walks won’t feel as bad when summer comes around!

    • Victoria Stacey

      I can’t wait haha

  • They may be a little time consuming, but dogs are totally worth it!

    • Victoria Stacey

      I totally agree 🙂

  • Amen to all of the above! When I adopted my dog, I was so unfamiliar with her breed or what I was getting myself into. My beagle is so mischievous, sheds like crazy, and takes forever to potty when it’s cold, but I would not trade her for the world!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    • Victoria Stacey

      My girl takes a while to potty when it’s cold too – she has to find a nice patch of snow-free grass haha

  • I need to get a snake plant asap – I really need to clear the air of my apartment because of my cat!

    • Victoria Stacey

      Do it! They are so easy to maintain too!

  • I had a dog growing up but didn’t realize how much of the responsibility fell on my Mom and Dad (typical oblivious kid haha). Now that I am an adult with my own dog I realize how much work pets really are. I love my dog but he is definitely a handful!