The top 4 things we did in Chiang Mai

We had heard mixed reactions to Chiang Mai, some people loved it, some were underwhelmed. We absolutely loved it! It felt rich with culture and history, and there seemed to be something new at every turn. We spent 4 days in Chiang Mai, and while we did spend some time by the pool, here’s our top 4 things we did!

1. Get a Bamboo Tattoo

You can get a Bamboo Tattoo almost anywhere in Thailand, but something about getting one inside the “walled” part of Chiang Mai felt special.

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2. Take a Cooking Class

The way Thai food is cooked in the North is different from the South. We took ours at the Thai Farm Cooking School and I cannot recommend it enough. Not only did we cook 5 meals and learn to prep curry paste, we also were able to explore an organic Thai farm out in the middle of nowhere. It felt special to be taken out of the city and onto a farm to experience the differences between home!


3. Visit the Night Market

This was the largest Night Market we had encountered so far! The streets, as well as three or four marketplaces were filled with vendors. This is where we did all of our souvenir shopping! There was also an International Food Market, which is where we our dinner 2 of 4 nights. We had sushi, bao, Japanese burgers and more! And it was all fantastic! The food carts/trucks made me feel like I was in Toronto – Toronto you need this!


4. Take a walk around the city.

We only took taxis and tuk Tuks when we absolutely had to. We wanted to get in as much walking as possible (which was a good thing, I probably lost weight over the course of our trip). We found temples, gardens, the Chinatown, a Cat Cafe, the Art in Paradise 3D Museum, delicious restaurants and more, just by walking around!

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That’s the end of the recap series! I have a few more posts I might make about our trip, but I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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  • Cooking class sounds like a great experience, plus all the great things you got to see and experience.

  • Cool tattoo! The pictures look amazing and the food looks delicous ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Looks like you had a great time. Walking around when I travel is the best exercise, it balances all the vacation food lol

    • floralsandteacups

      We did so much walking, I actually lost weight on vacay! Haha

  • I love the idea of taking a cooking class there, but everything looked fun actually. What an awesome vacay!

  • Looks like an amazing place! And let me tell you, I would be all about that cooking class! What a fantastic idea!

  • Take me with you next time!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ That sushi looks A-mazing!