Tales of a Glasses Addict + Giveaway

As I’ve written before, I’m blinder than a bat without my glasses. I used to wear contacts but tired eyes and the expense of them started to grow old on me.

I like to change up my glasses yearly, because the hipster in me can’t get enough plastic rimmed, bold styled, chunky glasses. ALSO, I’d like to point out I owned them before it was cool. Like 5 years ago. Beat that hipsters.

Anyways, I always bought from Clearly, but then I heard about Firmoo. Firmoo’s prices literally could not be beat. Who has heard of $19, full prescription glasses? Not I.


Insurance covers glasses maybe every two years. Having an addiction to glasses can be (and is) costly. So, for someone who changes glasses as often as I change underwear (that is a joke, btw), $19 glasses are heaven.

The selection isn’t as vast as Clearly, which is cool cause they’ve got some solid ones. I chose these blue ones ’cause they reminded me of the see-through blue telephone I begged my mom to purchase me at 12 so I could have my “own phone” (like Lizzie McGuire). 

Ordering was easy peasy, PayPal is accepted which is amazing. The glasses come from China so I was definitely expecting 2-3 weeks for them to arrive. WRONG. I got them in less than 7 days. BONUS. They arrived via UPS in a bubble wrapped envelope.. Which is more than Clearly does.

You get a half decent hard case, a soft case, a tightening tool and a cloth. All standard items with glasses, and I never actually end up using them (except the cloth, my mom doesn’t understand how I can possibly see with the dirt accumulated on my glasses).

At only $19 and coming directly from China, my hopes for quality weren’t too high. I was pleasantly surprised at the durability and strength of the plastic. The arms seem a bit flimsy compared to the main spectacles, but overall I’m really pleased. They also look exactly like the photo, and I look ballin’.


1. One of you will win a pair of glasses from the following page (excluding shipping – which is only $12.95 CAD)

2. Five of you will win $10 Gift Vouchers – say what!? Seriously, that’s like $20 glasses. PLUS, your voucher can be used up to five times for $10 off 5 different pairs of glasses (any glasses, excluding sales). Seriously cool.

Some of my other favs can be found here, here & here. You can get prescription or non-prescription glasses or sunglasses! Perfect for a spare pair, or something funky to have in your roster to keep you fresh with the hip crowd.

Seriously, I feel like I belong to some super cool blue-speckled group (no, not Blue Man group). Anyways, see below to enter! This is open Internationally to new customers to Firmoo! Whoop.

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  • Yasmin

    Ahh these kind of look like the ones Zooey Deschanel wears! NEED! I’m also blind as a bat haha…the struggle is real.

  • I LOVE pair no. DBSN65093! Great post 🙂

  • Em

    Those are super cute! I don’t like wearing my glasses because they aren’t very stylish, but I think that if i got a couple of cute pairs I’d be more inclined to wear them… and also, contacts can get real annoying real quick, right? 🙂

    • Em

      Also, just looking at the glasses… the two toned pair of DBSN62206s are the CUTEST and I think I’m gonna order a pair once I get my new prescription.

  • This is so cool! I’ve been without glasses for awhile now! I’m super interested in this! I really like DBSN65061 aaannnnd D62196!

  • kateland walker

    My fav pair are #DBSN62207! love the bigger frames and low prices!

  • Pat Drouillard

    Y2212 is the ones I like, some what like the ones I have now.

  • Katrina

    I love so many of them. I have such a hard time finding glasses to fit my wide face. K8067 may be my next glasses purchase. They are a bit more rounded which is on my wish list and they are cheap so if they dig in a bit (which most glasses do) and if it turns out the shape doesn’t work for my eyes then I won’t be out much money :).

  • emma

    Stylish glasses for the win… i’m really into DBSN62207!

  • Kim

    love the pair that is turquoise and brown..so fun

  • I love hearing about great discount glasses! Like you, I used to wear contacts but finally gave up on them because of the cost and irritation to my eyes I will definitely check out Firmoo! Thanks for sharing!

  • DBSN62207 looks like a fun pair of glasses–I really like the pattern! :D!

  • em

    i like the Burgundy(C225)

  • Cristina Lazar
  • I need more glasses! Okay, I might have an addiction but still- I had never heard of firmoo and I am excited to check them out!

  • K622 in burgundy

  • Alison Gibb

    The #DBSN62208 glasses are my favorite pair!

  • christina moore

    I like DBSN65061 in black

  • These are so cute!!!! I’m dying over the teal ombré

  • I love glasses! I am pleasantly surprised to hear that you found them to be a good quality! I have always wanted to try something like this but assumed they would be a terrible quality.

  • I love that you are posting about this company I found them a few weeks ago and have been wondering if ordering their glasses was worth it!! I love love the pair called C502

  • I’ve been wanting to change my glasses for awhile, so I’m definitely entering this giveaway. And I love your glasses!

  • Such cute glasses!

  • I have glasses that I dont need at all, well I never wear them for anything. I was given them for driving purposes, yet I guarantee you I have never felt the need to wear them. BUT my son is addicted to glasses. He wants a pair every year lol! 🙂

  • I need to share this with my brother!

  • I used to want glasses growing up but never needed them. About two years ago I noticed things got a little fuzzy far away…finally 2 weeks ago I made my first eye appointment in probably a decade… turns out I am slightly near-sided…I’m not required to wear them but he prescribed a pair for me to help me see while driving at night.
    I ended up picking a pair of men’s glasses.. I don’t wear them often (in the less than a week I’ve had them) but it is strange how much something like glasses changes how you look.

  • DebP

    I like style DBSN62207

  • Great giveaway! I’ve gotten a few pairs of glasses from Firmoo, they’re great and they are cute!

  • These are amazing!!! I really want a pair

  • aarone mawdsley

    i like CM2662! those are the ones I would pick to buy if i won

  • Ally G.

    The Firmoo glasses I like best are here: http://www.firmoo.com/eyeglasses-p-3130.html

  • How cute, and super cheap!

  • I’d be nervous if they came from China too! My husband is an optician so I love getting glasses, and it’s become quite an addiction too! He does say that glasses made in China don’t have to be made to the same safety specs as glasses in teh U.S, so try not to wear them if you are being super active just in case they break or crack etc. Very cute!

  • How fun! I don’t wear glasses but I will pass this site onto my brother because he loves to change out his glasses! I think he’d change them weekly if he could.

  • Vero M

    I’m loving these <3 CM8061

  • Oh fun! I like the DBSN65061 in black.

  • Amen for cute glasses! It has always been torture trying to find cute frames but those are adorable. I bet they look amazing on you!

  • I reeeeally need new glasses! My dog chewed on my brand new ones 🙁 These are my favourite though! DBSN62189

  • Mirian

    I would love to try the DBSN62209 style if i won.

  • matthew

    Nice! DBSN62208

  • I really need new glasses! I’ve had mine for over 4 years now! I’m planning to get some this year, so this is just perfect! Thank you!

  • Marlene V

    I like the DBSN65093 glasses

  • Wow what an amazing giveaway! I hope I win.

  • Totally reminds me of Zooey!! I need to get me a pair of glasses, this post is just in time for it, now I can spend hours looking at my options 😉
    xx, Kusum | http://www.sveeteskapes.com

  • christina moore

    They are so cute, thank you

  • Nicole Jubleew

    #DBSN62194 is my fave!

  • Chanda Neak

    I like pink DBSN62189.

  • Laurel Harrington

    Wearing glasses every day, might as well be stylish, in these!

  • I’m really digging the non rx model CM8061! They are special!

  • missbobloblaw

    I like #DBSN62209 the best!

  • Carolsue
  • Caryn Coates

    I really like DBSN62215

  • linda

    I like #DBSN62209. TY for the chance.

  • Melanie D

    I really like #DBSN62218. I am always on the lookout for cheap glasses as I break mine all the time!!

  • I think K5018 looks super cute! 🙂

  • Linda
  • Stephanie

    I like DBSN62080 best.

  • Valerie Quinn

    Holy moly I’m dying to win this one – I absolutely am crazy about DBSN62225

  • Laurie W.

    I like the patterned #DBSN65093 .