Short Hair Styles with OGX

Back in June, I chopped all my hair off in search of something new. It was the start of a whirlwind of a summer, and an exciting back half of 2017. It’s been fun to experiment with new styles, and when I got my haircut yesterday, I thought – no better time than to create the short hairstyles video I’ve been planning on doing for weeks!

One of the things that I’ve noticed with short hair is that it gets dirty/greasy a lot faster than my long hair did. And now that I’ve highlighted my hair, I need something that keeps it healthy too. I’ve been using OGX almost exclusively since I cut my hair short, and the Orchid Oil shampoo and conditioner have been meeting all my hair needs! It keeps my hair feeling clean, while protecting my colour from fading.

It’s also been amazing for summer, having the integration of UVA/UBA filters to protect your hair from the SUN. While we haven’t had much sun this summer, I have high hopes moving into September for a warm fall and want to protect my hair as much as my skin & eyes!

Now, for the styles!

The Video. 

The Tie-Up Hairband.

I’ve made several of these tie-up headbands over the course of the last few years, and they are the perfect addition to any bedhead, or day-old hair. Because they have a wire in them, they are easy to twist or tie and they stay perfectly on my head!

The Side Braid.

While it’s pretty difficult to put my hair in a pony, or double braids, a cute side braid down the front of my face is a 5-minute trick that keeps the hair out of my face on hot days, and adds a little somethin’ somethin’  any look!

The Floral Crown.

I made this floral crown in preparation for festival season, particularly Osheaga. You can learn how to make your own here!

The Shake Down.

I used Rowan’s Layrite pomade (it smells like Dr. Pepper!) and pushed back my hair. This keeps it out of my face, and makes the whispy hairs more manageable!

This is not a sponsored post, however, I received complimentary products from OGX. As always, only content and products I truly believe in are posted on Florals & Teacups!

  • I recently got my hair cut short (again) and as it grows out I’m feeling stumped on how to style it! I love that headband with the wire in it! Every time I try to where those headbands they end up riding up my head, so a wire would help!