REVIEW: Four O’Clock Digestive Tea

There are two things you may or may not know about me; I love tea, and I have tummy issues! Often my stomach aches after eating, particularly when I’ve eaten a bit too much. The aches and pains can last for the rest of the day or evening depending on when I eat.

I started working at back in May, and decided to give one of their Herbal teas a shot. I’ve always been a fan of tea, especially green and peppermint, but I wanted to try a tisane due to their known medicinal benefits. I decided to start off with Four O’Clock’s Digestive and give it a go.

First off, it tastes delicious. It’s very minty, but also has the benefits of chamomile and ginger teas; perfect for an upset stomach! Tonight is my third night in a row having a tea after dinner, and wow does it make a HUGE difference! Maybe it’s all in my head, but I am definitely giving the tea some sort of credit for calming my tummy after a day of eating.tea-557448_1280

Four O’Clock seems to have a tea for almost everything, including a decongestant, cold and flu and weight management options. I’m interested in their detox tea, and also curious about how the weight management ones help when trying to shed a few pounds. Now that I’ve seen results with the Digestive, I think I’ll be trying one of those soon too!

Have you tried any of Four O’Clock’s other teas? Or any other brands of herbal teas you would recommend?

*Not a Sponsored Post: This post is not sponsored by While I do work for them, I chose to write this post on my own, with my own thoughts on the product

  • Josiane

    Hello I would like to know if I can take the detox tea (dandelion) and the weight management (orange) in the same day
    Thank you

  • Josiane

    Hello I would like to know if I can take the detox tea (dandelion) and the weight management (orange) in the same day. Thats the Four o’clock teas
    Thank you

    • floralsandteacups

      Josiane. I do not work for Four O’Clock Teas and am not a nutritionist or doctor, so I can’t help with that! I’m sorry!


  • Sophia

    I am trying the detox one tonight! Thanks for your review! I was a bit hesitating at first because everyone is talking about the yogi one…now I will definitely give this brand a try!