Re-fashioned Denim Button Down Skirt

I had been thinking about this project for a long time before I actually found the perfect skirt to re-fashion for the project at Value Village! I had a stash of buttons that I found at the fall Uber-SWAP, and was excited to find some new projects for them.

This style is also super trendy right now, but I always love to try and DIY things instead of purchasing them, and I am SUPER happy with how the skirt turned out!

What You Need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Denim/Corduroy Skirt with no zipper at the front
    • This skirt should be about 2 inches too big for you to ensure a nice fit at the end
  • 5-7 Buttons
  • Needle & Thread


  • Lay your skirt flat on a table, front side up. Cut down the middle from top to bottom

  • Using a sewing machine, hem both sides of the cut you made down the middle to ensure there is no fraying of the denim

  • Using a needle and thread, begin sewing your buttons onto the left-side of your skirt, I started at the top, and sewed buttons approximately every 3 inches down.

  • Line up the right side of your skirt so that it overlaps the buttons you sewed on

  • Using a fabric pencil or sharpie, make marks on the fabric to indicate where to cut. These marks should be directly over where the button is underneath

  • Using an exacto-knife or scissors, make a cut large enough to push the button through. Repeat for each button on the skirt

And Ta-Da! You’re very own, easy, Button Down Skirt! See how I’ve styled it with my Tohe USA Bag Below!

  • This skirt is so cute! I love how you made it, that’s seriously so cool! If i didn’t already own a skirt like this, I would totally follow your tutorial!

    Kirsten |

  • This is so nifty. I just wish I could sew on a button haha

  • You’re so crafty, girl! I’m the worst at doing crafty type things so props to you haha.

  • Wow you are so talented! I love this post!

  • OMG you go girl! I wanna try this!

  • This turned out so cute! You did a great job!

  • Your skirt turned out so well! I’ve been living in denim skirts lately!

    Greta |

  • This came out soooo good!! Seriously, how creative and cute!

  • I can’t believe you made this yourself! It’s adorable!

  • This is so awesome! I love button down style!

  • It looks amazing! I wish I was creative enough to do something like this. So awesome.

  • Adriana

    OMG! This is absolutely adorable! I love the way it turned out!