Planning Your Itinerary: Tips & Tricks

One of the hardest things about planning a trip is figuring out everything you are going to do in the period of time you are going to be there. I’m currently planning three trips in the next two months, and there is a lot to take into consideration. We are travelling with a large group to Montreal, as a couple and a guest to Nashville, and as two couples to Japan. With this style of travel, you have to consider what other people want to do, if you will fit in all the places you want to go, and if you are okay with splitting up.

You also have to make decisions about which attractions and activities are most important and what you can knock off the list. I’ve found that when planning an itinerary, there are a few main things to keep in mind.

Research Your Options

There are so many amazing guides online that you can use to figure out the top places to go. I like websites that list off all the possible places ranked by other travellers, but I really appreciate guides that get in-depth about everything from hotels to currency to places for big groups and intimate spots for small ones. Check out this amazing New York City guide, which breaks down everything you might need to know, including hostels vs. hotels, information about the many airports, and more!

Prioritize Activities

This is important if you go alone or if you go in a group. Have everyone write down the top things they want to do in order of priority. If you are going alone, you can knock off the items at the bottom of the list. If you are in a group, find the items that everyone wants to do and place them higher on the final list. If some things are low on one person’s list and not on anyone else’s list, it might be a good idea to knock those things off or let the person see alone. This can be a good way to split up a large group based on what everyone wants to do.

Get Some Help

There are tons of websites, apps, and templates by bloggers that will help you plan your itinerary. Using these tools is a nice way to plan the trip yourself while still keeping things organized. You can also book a tour with a variety of organizations or work with a travel agency to help plan your stay. 

Ask Your Friends

I also love reaching out to friends who have travelled to a location before me. Asking questions has helped me figure out everything I might need to know and what things I should continue to research. This is what got us through Thailand.

For me, planning a trip is a lot of fun. It gets me excited and makes it feel real! Even after purchasing airline tickets, I don’t always feel like the trip is really happening until I start planning what to do while we’re there. What tips do you have for planning your itinerary?