Office Cubicle Makeover

When I started my new job, I was quick to begin to add personal touches to my cubicle. I started with posters and photos, began to add decorative knick-knacks and slowly adding more crafty/diy touches. While there’s more I hope to do in the future, here’s a peak at my workspace, and some more detailed points on how to get the look yourself!

IMG_2276 IMG_2277

DIY: Pen Jar – Add liquid gold to jam or mason jars.

DIY: Mason Jar Vase: Use Oil Based Sharpie, or Porcelaine Pen to add designs to a white ceramic vase or mason jar! (I found this at the local Dollarstore!)

IMG_2281 IMG_2282

DIY: Candy Tray – Another dollarstore upcycle! I used Pebeo Porcelaine Paint to paint the bottom of the tray. I included “Eat Me” in chalk to encourage people to pick one up.

DIY: Chalkboard – This one didn’t work out as well as I had hoped, but it’s ok. I used regular chalkboard paint for this one!

DIY: Triangle Banner – An easy way to add a little colour and pattern to your space! I just cut out triangles from my leftover scrapbook paper – easy!


DIY: Perhaps my most ingenious idea, vinyl inspiration boards! I added paper clips to the edges of the vinyl to tuck ideas and inspiration! I also added a stripe of liquid gold (can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?) to one of the records for a splash!


Other Decor Tips

Flowers (fake or real) can easily brighten up a space
Posters are a great talking point with new co-workers. Tack them up, or put them in frames!
Take a look at what you have a home that isn’t doing anything productive. I brough mugs, stuffed animals, boxes and storage to help keep myself organized.
Washi tape is your best friend! An ugly surface isn’t so ugly with a cute piece of tape! I did this to my computer screen and hope to add more to other places.



Want me to help you decorate your desk or other space? Check out to see the rest of my portfolio!

  • I love your bright colors and inspirational posters. You definitely added your personality to an area that’s normally grey and drab. I’d love coming to work every day if I had a cubicle like yours. Great job!

    • floralsandteacups

      Thanks! It certainly makes it a bit easier 🙂

  • Stu

    This gives me some great ideas for my desk!

    • floralsandteacups

      I’m glad! 🙂

      • floralsandteacups

        That’s what I was trying to go for! I actually made my posters and soon after putting them up, my co-workers all wanted a copy!

  • I don’t have a cubicle anymore, but for my first job, I absolutely adored decorating my cube!! I put bright flowers, cute pens, and accessories to make it very girly and fun.

    • floralsandteacups

      That’s what I was trying to go for! I actually made my posters and soon after putting them up, my co-workers all wanted a copy!

  • I love that you have made the space your own! The vinyls on the wall is super creative!

  • What a cute little office space you have. I have yet to decorate mine much but I am working on it.

    xoxo, Jenny

  • Hi Victoria, I love what you did to your cubicle, especially the adorable pen jar! That’s so original, well, your entire space is. I wouldn’t mind working in a cubicle if it looked like yours! Great job!