Learning a New Topic In An Unexpected Way

Plaid + Pencils is a new series on Florals + Teacups where my boyfriend, Rowan, writes about his thoughts, and gives a perspective of a young professional, from the male point of view. 

I think one of the hardest things about dating someone is that eventually you have to meet their family. If that goes well, then you will continue to see them and you will need to bond over their hobbies and show some sort of an interest.

Sports have always gone way over my head; I always enjoyed playing pickup games, but I have never really understood how people could watch a sport so religiously… until I discovered sports themed anime.

I have always enjoyed anime, but always looked at the sports themed ones with such wonder; why would I watch a show about sports when I could just go play it myself. Just as I have thought many times, ‘Why would my Vicki’s family watch sports when they could just go play it.’ Why would you cheer on a team with such enthusiasm and be on the edge of your seat during overtime, or the verge of tears when they lost?

For me, it all came together with Haikyuu, a volleyball anime. It follows a team of students from the school Karasuno High, a school once known for their volleyball skills, but as of late has become more of a laughing stock. You follow this team of eclectic characters as they strive to become the legends that they were once known as.

After binge-watching through 3 seasons in the time of two weeks (including on our trip to Iceland), I finally understood what Vicki’s family, and every other die hard sports fan, enjoyed so much. I found myself getting worked up with the team, experiencing all their highs from winning, or pulling off that new maneuver, and the feeling of defeat when they lost that important set.

I also learned a lot about the sport, that I would have never known or chose to learn if I did not experience it through a medium I love. I found a way to learn that I could enjoy sports, and learn from them when it was through a new perspective.

This not only limited to anime and sports. It is a great skill to be able to learn new skills and knowledge from a non-traditional form and it makes learning a lot easier if it is something you enjoy.

I can now share others’ passion for sports and get along better with Vicki’s four brothers. I have since started watching many other sports anime. If volleyball isn’t your thing, why not pick up Eyeshield 21 (football), Yowamushi Pedal (cycling), or Ping Pong the Animation (racing, just kidding). The world is full of insightful mediums, I chose anime, what do you choose?

  • This is so sweet you have your BF doing a blog series! I love reading guest posts on blogs 🙂

  • Such a cool idea to have your boyfriend do a guest post! Its so interesting to hear things from other perspectives and this is very different than most of the blogs I read, usually they are all written by women!


  • It’s always great to keep an open mind to learning new things in new ways. I always remember that something I find no fun at all, other people find to be a blast!


  • This is so neat! You never really get to hear a guys point of view very often unless it’s your significant other. 🙂

  • So cool that he’s doing this series! Excited to read more!

  • This is such a cool idea! I love reading from another perspective sometimes!

  • What a fun series! My hubby should start doing guest appearances on my blog haha.

  • This is awesome! My husband wasn’t ever into sports until we got married and slowly he’s gotten interested in football, but no where near the level of enthusiasm as some other people. What a cool series!

  • Omg Haikyuu is one of my boyfriend’s favourite animes haha!

  • Such a cool idea to have your boyfriend do a guest post!

  • amy

    What a cool idea!! I never thought to have my boyfriend do a guest post on my blog. Loved reading his post!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • That is so cool! Who would have ever thought you could learn a sport in such an unconventional way!