Last Minute DIY Dog Costume From A Baby Onesie – Pickle Rick

This year Rowan and I dressed up as ‘Vic & Morty’ a spin on the TV series ‘Rick & Morty’ that Rowan has been obsessed (along with half the adult population) as of late. If you are a fan of the show, you will also know that there is a popular episode where Rick is a pickle. We decided it would be absolutely adorable for our pup Locke to join in on the costume and dress up too!

While I didn’t take photos during the creation of this DIY, it’s actually super easy to make! If you’ve got a small dog like I do, surprisingly, a baby onesie will do the trick!

All you have to do is cut off the bottom part of the onesie and you are left with a cute top for your pup! Because Locke was going to be a pickle, we grabbed a green onesie from Value Village, but you could also dye a white onesie, or choose a colour for whatever costume you want.

You could sew the hem of the onesie closed, but the onesie we used didn’t fray and simply rolled up, so we left it as is. I put it on Locke and got to work with a sharpie. I drew lines and semicircles to create the ‘weathered’ look of a pickle. She hated the smell of the marker, so I threw it in the dryer with a load of laundry to help get the marker smell out. It worked like a charm!

In the end, I couldn’t have been happier with the way the costume turned out. Even if no one knew she was ‘pickle rick’ everyone knew she was a pickle. And now I can’t stop calling her my little pickle.

What did you dress your pet up for this #Halloween?