How To Throw A Craft Party

As some of you may know, I host craft workshops around the Toronto area. Often, these are at breweries, or we encourage guests to bring a beer or two to the workshop to enjoy while they work on their craft. I lead them through a DIY project, we enjoy a craft beer brewed locally, and we get creative!

These workshops wouldn’t be possible without testing the crafts here through DIYs, or by hosting smaller events with my friends. I decided to formally turn these events into ‘Crafts & Cocktails’ events in which we try a new cocktail, and make some crafts. This being the first one, I decided to keep it simple and wanted to do a BYOC (Bring Your Own Craft). I encouraged Halloween costume DIYs & pumpkin carving, and I even baked cookies for everyone to decorate.

If you want to throw your own ‘Crafts & Cocktails’ night. Here are a few suggestions for getting everything ready.

Have The Group Vote On A Craft

I created a Facebook event and asked everyone what they wanted to make. Because it was almost Halloween, a lot of my ideas involved Halloween-themed crafts. We decided on the BYOC model, but I think in the future a guided craft would have been a better idea.

Get All Of The Supplies

As the host, if you are offering to host craft night, getting some supplies for the night is definitely helpful for your guests. I have a large ‘pantry’ of items to help my guests in their crafting goals. Planning your craft beforehand helps with this part, and you can ask your friends to chip in on supplies if necessary.

Choose Your Cocktail

I had two options. I decided on a take on a Dark & Stormy, as well as a selection of Two Oceans wines for the occasion. I served up a delicious Sauvignon Blanc and a tasty Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot which hit the mark for both my white and red loving friends.

Make Sure There Are Snacks

To kill two birds with one stone, I decided to bake cookies for everyone to decorate. You can see the recipe for my Halloween Cake Box Cookies here! Since I was hosting the evening, I also told friends that if they wanted to bring anything, they could bring some snacks. This worked out well as some brought chips and dip, candies for the cookies, pita and hummus and more. We were definitely stuffed!

What are your necessities for a crafting night with friends? Is it wine, food, or good conversation? Truth be told, our crafting nights usually end up being about food, drinks and catching up, but we managed to get some cute cookie decorating in and one Halloween costume started!