Getting into a Routine with Clean & Clear

I’ve never had horrible skin, not the way my older brothers had to deal with it anyways. I got through most of my adolescent (and adulthood this far) by washing my face in the shower. It was just never an issue I felt like I faced the same way my peers did. Yes, I get acne, near my eyebrows, my hairline, and chin especially. But, it always felt easy enough to cover it up with makeup, and never a burden to let it go away after a few days. It was always difficult for me to get myself into a routine.

When it does come to my skin, its a combination of dry and oily, but when asked I always lean towards oily as I’ve noticed I get shiny spots in photos and sometimes feel I have to wipe my brow more often. Using the oil wipes certainly helped to affirm this. Seeing the oil that came off my face onto the pads certainly made it obvious that’s what I was dealing with.

I wasn’t the only one who wanted to try out these products, Rowan also got in on it to see how they’d help him. It became part of each of our morning routines to try it out together. It was weird, strange couple time that we don’t get much of in the mornings, so there’s that!

I was provided by Johnson & Johnson through Crowdsocial, four products to try to help combat my oily prone skin. Here are the results:

Morning Burst Shine Control Cleanser: I’ve used other morning burst cleansers before and they’ve always been that one brand I know is reliable. To be honest Clean & Clear is probably the first brand I tried when I first starting experiencing acne. So, when it came to the cleanser, I was pretty excited to see the difference it made. Overall, it did well! I’ve noticed a decrease in my breakouts (although they aren’t gone entirely). The process takes about 3-5 minutes to lather, apply and rinse.

Deep Cleaning Astringent for Sensitive Skin: This was something I was most interested in. My boyfriend and I both suffer from acne on our backs, so I wanted to see how the astringent helped with soothing and helping them disappear. So far, they’ve helped my face pretty well. I’m definitely seeing a difference in the acne I already had disappearing. Stay tuned for back results (I’m less consistent using this). It took less than 1 minute to apply to trouble spots (t-zone, hairline and chin).

Bonus: it doesn’t hurt! It might be a slight sting depending on the stage of the pimple, but it’s kind of relieving too!

Morning Burst Hydrating Gel Moisturizer: I think this is my favourite product of the four. The moisturizer smells like blue freezies.. And it works like a charm! It leaves my face feeling smooth, but not greasy, all day! Happy to use this in the morning and repeat if necessary (although, so far, it hasn’t been).

Oil Absorbing Sheets: I haven’t actually had to use these as much as I thought! I guess that’s a good thing, meaning the other treatments are helping keep my skin oil-free throughout the day! However, I will say how much I’ve noticed they pull oil off your face. Just dab the pad to your face and you’ll see the difference it makes! And, as promised, it doesn’t take your makeup off! Mind you, I don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, so maybe that has something to do with it.

So that’s it, overall, I’m very pleased with these products! My 13 year old self is giving me applause for being a good girl and consistently using facial products, and getting into a routine.

With the whole process taking less than 10 minutes, it fit into my daily, young professional life pretty well. The morning burst surprisingly helped me wake up a bit more before heading out to work. And, all the products are reasonably priced between $7-$11.

What about you? Do you use clean and clear? If so, what’s your fav products? If not, what do you use instead?