Getting Fancy for a Cause with PrettyBird App

What many people don’t know about me is that I was once a ‘sick kid’. While, I’m lucky enough to have come out on the other side of that experience, that illness and those days in the hospital have left a lasting impression on me.

One day, I’ll go into further detail about the rare disease that struck my life, but for now, just know that a certain hospital holds a place dear in my heart, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

I got my first taste of the charity gala/formal event space last year when I volunteered for Memory Ball, an event that supports the Alzheimer’s Society of Toronto in raising funds for research and programming for those with or who support those with Alzheimer’s Disease. I joined the committee and was apart of the team that put on the 2017 Memory Ball.

I brought a group of friends to the event and they loved it! So much so, that we were ready to do it again. We chose the All-Star Gala in Support of Sick Kids as our next event!

The girls love to get dressed up and dolled up, and this time was no different. Bri & Mary from PrettyBird approached me to have my hair and makeup done for the event, and to share my experiences during an Instagram takeover for a behind the scenes look! I worked with Alysha of Borlase Beauty, who was not only a talented MUA & Hair Stylist, but was a lot of fun to chat with too!

I’m going to go over the whole PrettyBird app & process in an upcoming blog post, but here are a few details about the app to get you curious now!

Using the PrettyBird app, make a call for a Beauty Pro. Once you’ve requested a Beauty Pro, the app puts out a call to everyone in a 10km radius (kind of like Uber!) looking to match you with a Beauty Pro nearby! If you are looking for Beauty On-Demand, a Beauty Pro will be at your door within an hour, otherwise you can schedule them in for a specific date as you need them. Choose what you want (hair, makeup, both!) and then relax – they’re coming to you!

It felt awesome to get glam and dressed up for a cause near to my heart, and we had a great time at the event! Can’t wait to do it all again 🙂

  • Sorry to hear about your childhood. I had a friend who was at Sick Kids Hospital a lot as a kid, too, and it really changed her life!

    Also, I love your hair and makeup! I’ve never heard of PrettyBird before. It sounds like an awesome app!