Four TV Shows To Look Out For in 2016

Fuller House

Anyone who grew up with the Tanner family knows how many wonderful family values were instilled in our lives through Full House. Now, another generation (and, well the generation who loved them first), get a chance to live through the shenanigans of a new generation of Tanner family antics. Plus, I love a good reboot. I am watching Girl Meets World to relive the love of Topanga & Cory.

Seriously, if you aren’t planning on watching this on Netflix, all I have to say is, “How Rude.”

Legends of Tomorrow

Premièring this January, Legends of Tomorrow brings some of our favourite heroes & villains from Arrow & The Flash to fight a common evil. I’ve loved both Arrow & The Flash for some time now, and cannot wait for this show which promises to be just as fun.

Luke Cage

If you loved Daredevil & Jessica Jones, you’ve gotta know that Netflix will be bringing it’s A-Game for Luke Cage in the first half of 2016. Rowan & I devoured both of Netflix’s first Marvel series, and honestly, I know we are going to devour this one too. Especially if it includes cameos from Krysten Ritter & Rosario Dawson.


I’m interested in this because Fox has done such a great job with Gotham. Much darker than the CW’s versions of DC Comics, I like that dark contrast to the comedic series. Plus, I’m intrigued by the idea of the devil playing on the good side.

And yes, I realize 3/4 of these are superhero/comics, live with it 😉

  • I am looking forward to watching Fuller House. I used to watch Full House all the time as I was a little girl. Lucifer looks really good. Thank You for sharing these shows!

  • I can’t wait for Fuller House!

  • I like your taste!! Of course I loved Full House growing up, and I’ve been meaning to check out Girl Meets World. My husband and I are both huge Arrow/Flash fans, and have been eagerly awaiting Legends of Tomorrow. I hadn’t heard of Luke Cage though! We really liked Constantine too, and were really bummed when it got cancelled. Maybe Lucifer will serve as a replacement? Happy New Years!

    • floralsandteacups

      It sounds like we have similar taste in TV! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • OMG I am SO excited for Fuller House! I’m going to marathon it the entire day that it comes out! Great list!

  • I can’t wait for Fuller House 🙂

    xoxo, Jenny