Floral Vase DIY inspired by Yardley London

I recently tried Yardley’s English Rose line of products, including the Luxury Soap, Eau de Toilette, Body Fragrance, Talc, Body Wash and Body Lotion. They are great essentials to add to your bath or shower to elevate to the next level.

I’ve been religiously using the Body Wash in the shower and the smell is beautiful! It was so pretty that it inspired the DIY project you see below, a rustic vase for florals in our apartment.

My collection of mason jars is a bit intense, so I was looking for something else to do with them. We use them as pen jars, glassware and decor, so it was fun to use this American Chalky Finish for Glass on a mason jar to create a vintage/rustic vase look.

It was really simple to create – simply paint the glass with the paint. Once dry (about 2 hours), use a nail file or sand paper to roughly scrap off some of the paint. It dries with a nice chalky/matte finish and would also look nice with some candles inside instead.

What inspires your DIY creativity?