Five Life Lessons from Full House

The Importance Work-Life Balance

Remember when Uncle Jesse took Aunt Becky and the twins to Japan while he was on tour with Jesse & The Rippers? Uncle Jesse learned the value lesson that there is a fine line with work-life balance, and he needed to make the effort to ensure his family life didn’t suffer from the fame and stress of his line of work.

You Can Have More Than One Best Friend

When Teddy moved back, Michelle thought she had the difficult choice of choosing between Teddy and Denise when she had to draw one of them for a school project. In the end, Michelle realizes that old friendships and new friendships are just as valuable, and that you can have more than one best friend.

Cadet Kelly also drilled this into my head in case you were wondering.

The People That Love You Most, Will Come Around Again


Friendships & relationships often come and go, but those who are meant to be in our lives, will come around again. We saw this in the final episode of Full House, when Steve makes a last minute appearance to be DJ’s prom date, just as Michelle regains her memory.

You Will Make Poor Choices, But Pick Yourself Back Up Again

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Wow, did the last episode of Full House really bring a lot of great lessons. Michelle took a risk by taking her horse out along the beaten path. When the horse got spooked, Michelle was tossed off the horse, hitting her head and giving her amnesia. But, as we find out in part two of the finale, Michelle Rides Again. Or when Uncle Jesse fell a bunch of times trying to skate.

Just because we choose to take a risk, and it is fails, doesn’t mean we can’t learn from those mistakes and failures to pick ourselves up again.

There Is No Such Thing As Things for Girls, and Things for Boys

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Thank you Michelle for kicking butt at building cars, and thank you Joey for loving ballet.

  • i used to love this show but i never watched all the episodes. i’m really curious to see how the new series will work out.

    A Beautiful Zen

  • Ohh Full House…so so good! I’m not sure how good Fuller House will end up being but I will totally watch it. Haha.

  • I still watch Full House some evenings! I thought it was a great show growing up and I still think it is today. It taught great lessons and they are still applicable today!

  • Full House is such a great show. Totally brings me back to when I was a little kid!

  • Love this, I cannot wait for the sequel to come out on Netflix! Once a fan, always a fan!

  • I have never seen this show. But I love your line about the best friends thing. It is so true.

    • floralsandteacups

      I think it’s on Netflix, it’s worth a watch 🙂 The 90s had some great tv! 🙂

  • I used to watch this show when I was younger! I love the lessons you found in it!

  • Aunt Becky and Uncle Jessie were my favorite characters! (Also loved Cadet Kelly)

  • OMG I LOVE THIS! LOL. Too funny.

  • I love Full House!

  • This was one of my absolute favorite shows. Thanks for letting me relive it through these great moments!

  • haha I absolutely adore this post! It just put such a good light on my day 😀

  • This is too funny! I loved this show – it always had great life lessons!