Everything You Need for a Gilmore Girls Date Night

Whether it’s date night with mom, or with your girlfriends, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is the perfect Netflix spectacular to cozy up and spread some Gilmore Girls cheer. Whether it’s the Mrs Kim to your Lane, your Lorelai to your Rory, or your Lane to your Rory, find that perfect somebody (or somebodies) and get ready for a Gilmore Girls Date Night on November 25th!

I’m throwing an intimate gathering with some of my besties, as well as some of my new friends I’ve made through blogging. We’re excited to spend a Friday night getting to know one another, and spend some time chatting about everything Gilmore Girls, as well as chat about our own Lorelai’s, Lane’s, Luke’s, Jess’s, etc. in our lives.


Here is everything you need for an amazing Gilmore Girls Date Night!

Food, and the unhealthier, the better.

What is a Gilmore Girls party without a ton of junk food? From pop tarts to popcorn, chips to cake, every Gilmore Girl loves a sweet, salty, or sweet and salty snack.

Some suggestions:

– Pop Tarts
La Rocca Cake (to rival Sookie’s grand cakes!)
– Popcorn
– Chips (of the healthy, and not so healthy variety)
– Red Vines & other candy
– Pizza (Try our friends at Queen Margherita Pizza)
– Chinese food (or other food in Chinese food containers)
– Fancy Crackers with Sable & Rosenfeld’s Red Pepper Thai Bruschetta + Tipsy Russian Mustard with Vodka (to respect Friday night dinners with Richard and Emily)


We all know the Gilmore ladies love their coffee, in fact Lorelai thinks she likely was coffee in another life. AND coffee is what brings our darling Luke and Lorelai together, which is why this coffee mug from ‘Luke’s’ is essential to our viewing pleasure (Bless You Netflix!)

Despite the fact that we are hosting our party in the evening, you might need a coffee to get you through the day because you are so excited to binge the show after work, or you might need one at night to keep you awake long enough to watch all four, hour long episodes. Regardless, coffee is our best friend.



What’s a Friday night party without some cocktails? Emily and Richard would certainly tell you, there isn’t one.

We are serving up some great cocktails, including a SodaStream sparkling Founder’s Day punch with a fancy little Cherry Garnish from our friends at Sable & Rosenfeld, and a twist on Lorelai’s favourite martini with a tasty lemon olive and Thirsty Buddha Coconut Water! Or, have your guests drop some vodka or cream liquor into their above mentioned coffee – yum. Recipes will be coming soon!

Team Jess/Logan/Dean Paraphernalia

Invite your guests to wear a t-shirt, bring a hat, or setup a DIY station at the party! I picked up a few coffee mugs, and some sharpie markers and am encouraging my guests to create their own Team _______ mug! I can’t wait to see what everyone chooses. Ps. Jess is always the correct answer.

Spa Essentials

If you’re hanging with mom or with your gals watching tv, what better time to primp yourselves too? Pick up your favourite lotions, creams, polishes, masks, what-have-you and relax while you giggle and squeal to your favourite moments. Need some help picking our a great in-home spa? Check out our friends at Pure & Simple!



Decor is definitely key in setting the mood for any party! I’ve seen some fantastic items, and they’re all easy to make or get before Friday evening. May I suggest a Yale Pennant, Rory’s famous portrait or a Chilton crest.

Trivia & Other Games

Netflix has graciously provided us with a trivia game to find out who truly is the biggest Gilmore Girls fan. Considering I just watched all 7 season, I think I’ve got a leg up on this one!

One game I wish I had time to create before the party is Gilmore Girls GUESS WHO! Maybe if I can get to a Value Village before then, if not, I’ll be jealous for those of you who are able to get this baby made for Friday! Check out a tutorial for Gilmore Girls Guess Who here!

Netflix Subscription

Pretty key since the show is being shown specifically on everyone’s favourite streaming platform. Don’t have your very own Netflix Subscription? You’re in luck – I’m giving one lucky GG fan a subscription to Netflix! Contest will end at 12pm EST on November 25th, just in time to binge-watch our favourite coffee-loving gals! This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Some of the links here are to partners, and I have received product in compensation to serve at the party in return for sharing in this post, and others. But, as always, all opinions are my own, and I reached out specifically to these partners because of their fit into the Gilmore Girls theme, and my previous love for their products. I promise, you will love them as much as I do!

  • Fiona

    My roommate and I are so ready to go back to Stars Hollow this weekend. We’ve got fuzzy blankets, hot chocolate and popcorn ready!

    • floralsandteacups

      Pretty much everything one could need! Enjoy 🙂

  • Team Jess always! & lots of coffee.
    -Cory U xo

  • Thanks for this contest!


    You bet we will watch!

  • I can’t wait to watch 🙂 Such a great party guide.

  • I cant wait for the new ones! Im so excited!

    Love bella

  • What a fun post idea! Love everything you included.


  • I can hardly wait to watch! These are great treat ideas to go with it!

  • I am so so excited! I’ll be having a viewing party and all of these items are perfect! 🙂 Especially love the Luke’s cup!
    Xx http://www.thecarlycollective.com/

  • Jonnie

    I am forcing my husband to watch with me!

  • Elaine G

    I am going to watch it by myself so no one bothers me or interrupts me 🙂

  • That sounds fun! My mom loves coconut chips. I have actually never seen gilmore girls !

  • Catherine

    I’m going to be watching with my old roomie and we were planning our menu tonight: fried chicken, wine, poptarts, and pop corn 😍

  • TEAM JESS and with the honourable Catherine who literally just commented above me

  • joy

    (if I had Netflix) I would watch with my daughter! thanks for the chance!

  • Nicole Jubleew

    I’ll be watching with my best friend.

  • Bonita

    My girlfriends!! Perfect for our girls night in since the weather is too cold!

  • nicoleroannef

    my mom and i will be watching with some of your snack suggestions.

  • Lynnie

    I will watch with my daughter!

  • I love your party set up! I found this company that does a Gilmore Girls party box and had to share because I’m using mine Friday night for SURE! https://shopmondayparty.com/collections/gilmore-girls

  • Stephanie

    I will definitely watch!!!

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    I will watch for sure!

  • How cute! Love the idea of drinking coffeee and watching Netflix lol.

    Alix | http://www.apintsizedlife.com

  • linda

    With my fuzzy guy, Charlie.

  • I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls – but I need to watch it soon! Everyone is so excited for the Netflix special. This post reminds me of how my friends and I were so excited for when Hart of Dixie had its final season premiere a couple years ago!

    xoxo A

  • Sabrina S.

    I’m gonna be watching solo. So I can binge and cry and laugh all by my embarrassing lonesome!

  • Tammy Dalley

    I will be watching with my Bestie!

  • Jasen H

    I’m gonna be watching with a friend who is a huge fan of the series.

  • Grieta Allison

    With my daughter, she’s still little, but already knows how much I love the show 🙂 It will be a special moment for me as GG were my mother daughter relationship model from it first appeared on TV screens 🙂

  • Nicole

    I’ll be watching with my best friend.

  • This is such a cute post! I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls, but I would totally do this with any show!

  • Is now a bad time to admit that I’ve never actually watched Gilmore Girls? I really need to get on it and start a Netflix marathon! I definitely agree that spa products are a big winner during tv / movie binge sessions though, I find them so relaxing! Thank you for sharing!

    Abbey 🎄 http://www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  • Pam

    watching with my sis and then relaxing in the hot tub hopefully

  • Josh S

    My wife will probably be watching this.

  • I was so disappointed when iflix (Asian version of Netflix haha) didn’t have Gilmore Girls available! I can’t wait until they do because I really wanna watch!

  • Sounds like you have a perfect evening planned for you and your friends! I absolutely loved the new episodes! I can’t wait to rewatch them all ha

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  • Karen E. Hill

    My little sister Shelley

  • Judy Cowan

    Unfortunately I am away this weekend so will have to binge once I get home but am looking forward to it!

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    I will be watching with my daughter.

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    I’ll be watching with my teen! 🙂

  • Valerie Mallette

    I will be watching Gilmore Girls with my sisters this weekend.

  • Alex

    What an amazing list – I know SO many people that will use this!

  • Is it bad I’ve never watched all of Gilmore Girls? I need to start from the beginning and just bingewatch the whole thing! These are such great essentials for a perfect night in!

  • Elana L. Gross

    Yes, please! I am watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning because I missed out when it was airing!