Easy and Cheap Flatlay Photo Accessories | Inspired by QUO Cosmetics

I’ve been trying to add some more colour and fun into my Instagram feed and photos for my blog, and so I’ve been trying to come up with cheap and easy ways to add something new to my flatlays and product shots.


I am obsessed with everything marble, like most of the Instagram world. Lately, a lot of really beautiful palettes have been released with gorgeous marble packaging. These products, like the QUO Fall Line are great additions to your photos because of how pretty they are, but you can also DIY some fun (and colourful) marble pieces to incorporate into your photos. Check out a variety of my marble DIY projects here to get you started!

Bristol Board

A lot of people use white bristol board as a background for their photos, but I’ve started to use colourful bristol board to incorporate bright pops of colour into my photos. I also like how the bristol board gives a different perspective and some interesting lines making it stand out from the traditional flatlay.

Flowers & Plants (Real & Fake)

I have a ton of plants, so they often make it into my photos. But, sometimes real plants and real flowers (another blogger favourite) just aren’t in the budget. So, finding yourself some fake flowers and plants can be a great alternative. I’ve gotten some fun (and colourful) flowers from the dollarstore, and picked up some fake monstera leaves from online shops like Amazon.

Make Your Own Backdrops

My aunt owns a large format printer, so I reached out and asked her if she could print some images for me. I chose some royalty free images of marble and wood, and she printed them for me in a 3ft x 3ft square! You can get large format printing done at a variety of print shops.

Random Dollarstore Finds

I love wandering around the dollarstore looking for things that could be a fun prop for photos. You never know what you are going to find as dollarstores seem to replenish new items almost daily! I found these cute wood letters at the dollarstore recently that are making their mark on my flatlay photos as well!

Thes are some of the things I use in my flatlays to try and stand out from the crowd. What do you use as easy and cheap props or backdrops to make your photos more fun?

  • these are great accessories! i recently found a love for flat lays but couldn’t get them “right” because something seemed missing or it was unbalanced. i love these more than the traditional fuzzy white carpet backdrop!

  • Sarah Fleming

    These are great ideas. I am new to the blogging world and my photos could use some help!

  • Dominique Lessard

    I love your marbles background! And the photo you printed in 3’x3′ is simply stunning! Didn’t know I could get such a real finish with printing. Thanks for your creative ideas!