DIY: Hanging Paper Crane Tutorial

One of the easiest DIYs I’ve done in our apartment is a hanging paper crane piece across one of the walls in the living room. I’ve seen similar ones all over Pinterest, especially popular at weddings. I thought it would be a great way to add some colour to our white walls without paint or excessive holes (since we are renting).

See the video below for more info!


A Do-It-Yourself Paper Crane Tutorial

What You Need: Scrapbooking Paper or Origami Paper in your choice of colours, fishing line, scissors & push pins or nails.

1. Create Paper Cranes (as seen in video)
2. Poke hole in top of crane.
3. Thread fishing line through, and tie knot.
4. Repeat approximately six inches apart with another crane.
5. Add 5-7 cranes depending on your desired length.
6. Using a clear push pin, tie the fishing line around the pin and push into wall.