DIY Date Jar & Relationship Tips from Dr. Laura Berman

Back in April I had the chance to join Viviscal Canada and Sex & Relationship Expert Dr. Laura Berman to chat about everything relationships. While the event was a lot of fun – it was also really interesting to hear some tips on relationships from an expert. Here are a few key takeaways I found.

Casual Dating/Looking to meet people:

  • Sex can be researched, taught and learned, chemistry, shared values and interests, can’t.
  • You should not talk to someone for more than two weeks online before meeting in person
  • Not cuddling before or after sex isn’t wrong, but if it’s important to you, then you need to let them know
  • Dr. Berman suggests Bumble over Tinder. Finds that Bumble has more luck finding good relationships

Long Term Relationships:

  • Share 5 genuine appreciations a day, even if it’s something they already do
  • 3 times a week, for 15 minutes a day, get rid of technology, put on some music, makeout, kiss, cuddle and talk.
  • Share a 30-second heart to heart hug 2-3 times

Dr. Berman suggested that in a LTR – these little things help see a emotional and physical change in both partners.

It was really fun to get to know a little bit about relationships, as well as try the Viviscal new Wet Line. I really have enjoyed their Shampoo and Conditioner, both which have definitely given my hair more volume, strength and dimension. They’ve quickly become regular products in my routine.

One of the things I value in a shampoo is when a little goes a long way. I love when it gets my hair nice and sudsy right away – it makes me feel like it’s working! My only disappointment with the product is that it does leave my hair a bit greasy – but I’m told this is completely normal with volume product – and there is totally a chance I’m not washing my hair right…

One thing that Rowan and I love to do is create fun, out of the box date nights. We love going to the movies or out to a new restaurant, but doing something a bit outside of the box, or our comfort zone is always a fun change of pace.

A date jar is a super easy and fun DIY that makes it easy to pick something fun on date night. Simply write a bunch of ideas in a jar together, and on date night, pull one out!

Here are some ideas:

Disclaimer: I received these products by attending the Viviscal Canada event with Dr. Berman. All ideas, thoughts and suggestions are my own.

  • jemrah

    great idea!!

  • Mariam Jangda

    Cool! I shall try that with my hubby 🙂

  • Shirley S

    Those are all great ideas. My favourite is trying a craft or paint workshop.