DIY Cement Planter Tutorial

One of my goals for 2017 was to create more DIY content for F+T, so here is my first DIY video/tutorial of 2017! I saw a few of these little cuties at craft fairs during the Holiday season and have been dying to give them a shot myself. They’re actually fairly easy to make, and look so cute!

What You Need

  1. Quick Cement. Dap Hydraulic Cement
  2. Scissors
  3. Can or other cylindrical container
  4. Second cylindrical container that is smaller than the first, I used a paint bottle.
  5. Mixing container
  6. Stiring Stick
  7. Measuring Tool
  8. Paint (Optional)


  1. Mix cement according to the instructions on the box. My cement called for 3 parts cement mix to 1 part water. Play around with the consistency! Add a bit more water if it starts to dry. For the shorter planter I used 3 parts mix to 1 part water, and for the larger I used 5 parts mix to 1.75 part water. Play around with it!

  2. Pour cement into can. Don’t let it sit too long, it’s quick cement so it will dry up!
  3. Tap the can on a level surface to even out mixture.
  4. Carefully add your paint bottle, or smaller cylinder into the centre of the cement. Be careful not to push it all the way down.
  5. Tap the main container again to level out cement around your inner bottle.
  6. Wait 5 minutes to let the cement begin to cure. Carefully and slow twist your bottle so it comes out of the cement, but leaves the cylindrical shape.
  7. Let sit for 15-20 minutes (as per instructions on the box). My cement became much lighter when it was dry.
  8. Cut vertical slices into the can from the top. Using your fingers, or pilers, pull stripes of metal towards the bottom of the can, exposing the cement.
  9. Pull the metal all the way to the bottom, and carefully use pilers to pull the bottom of the can away from the cement.
  10. You should be left with a cute little planter! Be careful not to pull can away while it is still drying, as you might crush the cement (I did this a few times).
  11. You should be able to paint the surface right away, but check with the instructions on the box first.
  • How cute! I love that there’s the potential for these to look different every single time you make one. I wish I had the time and patience for DIY projects!

  • I know I told you this already but YAAAAASSS! They’re so beautiful. I’ll definitely be trying this out when I move out of residence in the Spring!

  • Sally Pau

    Neat idea! I have to try this out!! 🙂 Great post!


  • These are so cute, i cant wait for more DIY posts too!

  • Ah!! They’re so cute!!! Definitely a summer project for me!

    Catherine (Beauty by Catherine)

  • This is too cute! I actually kind of want to make one now!!


  • Such a fun DIY! Thanks for sharing!

  • Cute idea! Love that you put a cactus in it, that’s so perfect for cacti or a little succulent.

  • Kat

    SO cute! I need these in my life, like, right now. Thank you so much for the clear instructions, too. I’m kind of a dork when it comes to DIYs and usually end up messing it up in some way, but your directions are super helpful. Can’t wait to make these soon!

  • This is so cute and easy to make. I would love to do this for hostess gifts or friends birthdays!

    Greta |

  • This is super cute, such a great gift idea and so easy to make.

  • michelle mink

    2016 was the year of diy projects for me and I have a feeling that 2017 will be the same. I’ll have to add this to my to do list.

  • amy

    This is so simple and cute, I love it!! I need to try this DIY out!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  • Those look so awesome! They seem so simple but so chic.

    La Belle Sirene