#Henkaaween: DIY Cactus Plant Costume

When Henkaa asked me if I would participate in their Henkaaween DIY Halloween Costume Challenge, there was no doubt I was going to say yes. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to be, and what colour and style Henkaa dress would be best for me.

All of Henkaa’s dresses are convertible, meaning you can wear them in a variety of ways. They also come in a variety of lengths depending on your style. While this makes them great dresses for wedding bridal parties, it also makes them perfect for a capsule wardrobe, or for traveling light.


Because of my obsession with plants these days, when Henkaa mentioned that they were announcing a new colour, Hunter Green, I was excited to DIY a Cactus Costume for this year’s festivities! This is a super easy and cute costume, and can be done with any green dress/outfit! It would look extra cute with brown tights/leggings, or a green top & brown pants as well!

How to get this look:

I cut my black and green felt into long rectangle strips, added my double-sided tape, and taped them all to the dress. I cut out the words ‘Can’t Touch This’ in yellow felt, and used the double-sided tape to adhere that to the dress as well. I used Ash & Crafts tutorial to make a paper flower and glued it to a headband. Volia! A super easy way to make a super cute cactus costume!

  • this is super cute! I do love that dress and color! I love that you can then wear it after Halloween, just remove the costume elements!

  • Candy Kage

    Different and unique outfit for Halloween. Love the added flower on you head.

  • Jennifer Seislove

    You are so clever! I love affordable homemade Halloween costumes! You nailed it!

  • Amanda

    Such a clever and simple idea! I love seeing people’s imaginations when it comes to Halloween costumes!

  • OMG! This is SO cute! I never would’ve thought of it but it’s literally perfect! So many DIY posts I click are are either expensive or hard AF, but this I think I can handle!