DIY Bath Caddy & Getting into a Routine with Lipidol

One of my birthday goals was to get into a routine. This includes everything from becoming more organized, to scheduling workouts, friend time, and more time with Rowan. June is a crazy busy month for me, and it’s been pretty busy for Rowan too – finding time for each other and ourselves has been extremely important to maintain stress levels and comfort in our lives.

I’ve talked about how much I love baths before, but today it’s a bit different. I’m using bath time as me time more than ever now, allowing myself to read, be present and mindful. But, this means scheduling in some bath time into my busy schedule – something I’m hoping to do at least once a week.

If you follow me on Instagram and view my stories, you’ll see I recently started bullet journalling. I really hope to keep it up and share with you some of the layouts I’ve created and goals I’m hoping to achieve – but for now I’ll just say it’s helping keep me on track with scheduling and to do lists. Let’s see how long it goes!

So, now that my routine is starting to get a bit more evolved, and bath time is going to become a regular thing, I wanted to share some of Lipidol’s products which I have quickly begun to fall in love with.

I received five of Lipidol’s oils, The Cleansing Face Oil, Cleansing Body Oil, After Shower Oil, After Shave Oil, and Overnight Face oil.

Out of all the oils, my favourite smell is the Cleansing Body Oil, and I use it during every shower or bath. I also use the Cleansing Face Oil fairly frequently to remove makeup and it removes product wonderfully without drying out my skin. I’ve found the air in our apartment to be ridiculously dry lately, so together all of these products are a god send.

I hate shaving my legs, so one product that I have not used enough is the After Shave Oil, but I’m really excited to give it more of a try now that it is summer and I feel more obligated to shave my legs more often.

Lipidol is available at Walmart online or in store, as well as other major Canadian retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart!


DIY Bath Caddy

You’ve got your favourite products, but what’s a bath without a candle, a book, tea, and your phone to make sure every knows your having a bath? Just Kidding.

But, when I have a bath I like to have a snack, a drink and book – but in our tiny bathroom there’s really nowhere to put these things when having a bath. I love a lot of the bath caddy’s out there like this one from Bed, Bath and Beyond, but you know me – I’m frugal and like to make things myself!

Also, did you know how easy a bath caddy can be? A few months ago I went on a gold spray paint spree. All it took was an old shelf and some spray paint – and I have my very own bath caddy. Perfect for holding snacks, wine/tea and a book – and my phone to make sure you knew what I was up to.

What are your favourite ways to relax? How do you make sure you have some me time? Have you tried the Lipidol products?