DIY: 12 Days of Tea & Freebie!

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So, I dropped the ball on this one a bit. I originally should have posted this prior to December 1st so you could get a true 24 days advent calendar idea. However, there are still the 12 Days of Christmas, so why not make a 12 Days of Tea instead?

This was an easy project with the hardest part being which teas to use! In the end I used a variety from Teavana, Lemon Lily Tea & the Bulk Barn.

I found these little vials at my local Dollarama, but I know there are tons floating around Etsy these days as well. I also found my wooden treasure box at Dollarama, this was perfect for me because I ended up wood burning the outside of the box for my friend as well. I used tissue paper to pad the vials and used a sharpie to write 1-24 on each of the corks.

The design of the legend was a lot of fun, and I’m offering it to you for free! I’ve included a 24 Days of Tea version, as well as a 12 Days, so you can choose your length!

24 Days of Tea Download | 12 Days of Tea Download