Discovering Ontario: South Pond Farms

I love anything local, Canadian and homegrown. I love working with small independent businesses, and I love to watch them grow and succeed. Three years ago, my cousin invited us to her wedding on a gorgeous property in Bethany Hills. It was honestly one of the most fun and beautiful weddings I have ever been to – the venue was South Pond Farms, a beautiful and rustic barn on sprawling hills with an adorable ceremony spot overlooking the pond.

It’s been incredible to see how the mastermind behind South Pond Farms, Danielle French, has grown the venue’s offering and brand in just three years. Having moved her four daughters to Bethany Hills several years ago, Danielle utilized the help of a neighbour, and now partner, to transform the property into what we see today. Starting off hosting weddings, like my cousin’s three years ago, Danielle has grown into hosting workshops and public events, a television series, a line of tasty condiments and herbs, and has visions of opening yet another beautiful and tranquil space minutes away.

You might remember that last year I joined Danielle and her team and was inspired by the food, the florals and the views. When I was invited back this year to join once again, I was excited to see what had changed in the last year!

  • Chef Kevin McKenna came on board to help Danielle deliver sustainable, local meals to her guests
  • Offering more workshops and public events then ever before including Flower Arranging, A Comedy Series, Full Moon Suppers and more!
  • An expanded Farm Fresh product selection which now includes aprons and wooden spoons, beeswax wraps (I love these!) and more!
  • A new vision for Iron Horse Ranch, a beautiful, not-yet-open space just down the road which will serve as a second venue space, with a 16-person rental house perfect for retreats, family reunions or event film shoots!

Chef McKenna put together a beautiful spread for us, starting outside by the pizza oven, followed by a seated meal and finally, dessert in the silo. Bri, Jackie & Jessica all go into great detail of the food, so I will send you over to them to read more, but doesn’t it look delightful?

I would highly recommend taking a gander to Bethany Hills to join Danielle & team at one of her many public events, purchase some tasty Farm Fresh products, or book your next corporate event or wedding at South Pond Farms – you won’t regret it!

  • bri ❁

    I 100% want to go to a full moon dinner, it sounds like pure magi (but not as cheesy and extra yummy).

  • First of all – LOVE the post! It’s so cool to read about the experience and see the photo’s from someone else’s perspective. And of course, thanks for sharing the link back to mine 🙂

    Jackie at Something About That