Catching Up: What 2017 Has Looked Like So Far

This year has already been a whirlwind. I can’t believe we are nearly halfway through April, and May (and my 25th birthday!) is just around the corner. In Toronto, the weather has started to get much nicer, baseball season has officially kicked off in the city, and my mood is infinitely better. There have been some ups and some downs, but 2017 is off to a pretty good start, and I can’t wait to see what is in store for the rest of the year.

While I didn’t make any goals for 2017 in particular, I’ve loved seeing some monthly recaps from other bloggers, seeing their highlights, favourites and more. Since it’s more than likely I will forget to write once a month on the topic, I’ve decided to do something quarterly, with a focus on three months at a time. Here is what 2017 has looked like so far!

The Highlights

The Disappointments

  • Once Dx3 was over, I was hoping to go to more events, hang out with friends, and go for coffee with more people. I spent a lot of time being sick, tired & lazy instead.
  • While I hit 5k Instagram followers this year, I haven’t seen much growth since, and I haven’t seen much growth across other platforms (although I’ve seen better engagement!)
  • I’ve been stressed, anxious, and uncomfortable a lot. I need to be more open and communicative with the ones close to me!
  • My first workshops sold out, while my latest ones haven’t. However, the smaller groups make for more intimate interactions!
  • I haven’t gotten as much blog/biz planning done as I would have liked.

Things I’m Obsessed With

  • I recently made some purchases from this website and I can’t get enough of them! Some of my outfits with some of there pieces are below. I’ve linked so some similar (or exact!) pieces as well!
  • Embroidery: You’ll soon see some cool embroidery DIYs coming to the blog!
  • Marble Everything: Now that I’ve figured out this marbling technique, I’m marbling EVERYTHING!
  • Plants: I haven’t gotten over how cute plants are in my life! I’m a proud plant mama 🙂

Shop These Looks

What I’m Reading

  • Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo – Amy Schumer
  • Riverdale Comic (Based on the TV Show!)
  • Thug Kitchen (we’re meatless this month!)

What I’m Watching

  • Riverdale
  • 13 Reasons Why
  • Scandal
  • Nashville

What I’m Looking forward to for Q2

  • My 25th Birthday! I’m planning something Harry Potter themed
  • More Workshops + Partnerships
  • Increasing my social media following, and keeping up with engagement
  • Softball Season Starts
  • Blue Jays Games
  • Camping/Cottaging with Friends
  • Hosting my first Baby Shower

I’m SOOO behind on TV & Reading, I seem to be doing more Instagramming & Blog Reading these days! How was the first quarter of 2017 for you?

  • I completely agree – this year has gone by incredibly fast! Sounds like it’s been a great year for you, though!

    xo, brooke

  • RIverdale is the best! it was actually filmed in the town i live in!

  • Happy early birthday! Your dog is so cute.

    Alix |

    • Victoria Stacey

      Thanks 🙂

  • Anna Hubbard

    So exciting to see you got a pup! And I’m looking forward to hearing more about this Harry Potter themed birthday!
    -Anna |

    • Victoria Stacey

      Oh, it’ll be on the blog for sure!

  • You go girl! I feel like you’ve had an exciting 2017 thus far.

    • Victoria Stacey

      It has been good! Hope yours has, as well!

  • Oh my goodness, your pup looks like a smaller version of mine!

    • Victoria Stacey

      What kind is yours?

  • Miss ALK

    What a busy month! I also love Boohoo, and I really need to catch up on Nashville- I’m a few seasons behind!

    xoxo A

    • Victoria Stacey

      Do it! I just got caught up recently and am already behind lol!

  • UGH NASHVILLE!!! This season has me breaking down every. single. episode. but I like it… do you?

    • Victoria Stacey

      I’m not completely caught up, but so far I love it!

  • thesofieyahdiaries

    Omg I love embroidery too!! And I am currently watching 13 reasons why xD

    • Victoria Stacey

      Isn’t it addicting!?

  • Sara @ College Compass

    Your dog is too cute! I cut out all added sugars for Lent (7 weeks) and it’s been hard but I’m really happy I did. I’m excited to read your refined sugar post and see if I can learn a thing or two!

    Sara @ College Compass

  • I’m obsessed with Scandal! I can’t get enough of that show!