Figuring Myself Out with Naturana Canada

This is a blog post like no other on Florals + Teacups. With some incredible support from my amazing boyfriend (and photographer) as well as the confidence inspiring lingerie from Naturana Canada, I knew when this cozy and sexy bra and panties set arrived in December, that’d I’d want to do something body positive with it.

This is a scary post, a horribly scary post. People say mean things, disgusting things, rude things and more when you post content like this. But, while I haven’t set any 2017 Resolutions or Goals, 2017 is about figuring out me. My dreams, my hopes, my goals, and just how I feel about my self, my mind and my body.

As I write this, I was just convinced to give up refined sugar for 30 days. I’m fairly confident I’ll fail. But, that’s got nothing to do with it. I’m doing it because my friends asked me to participate in something with them. Community is high on my list of passions, and I’m excited to build a group and a challenge around that with them. Second, it’s about the fact that I want to do this, I want to see the impact a positive change has on my body, my mind and my relationship with my friends (and Rowan as he has also agreed to do it with me).


So, 2017 isn’t about loosing weight, it’s not even about positive changes in my life, it’s about figuring out what works for me. Because, honestly, I’m not sure. 2017 is starting off on the right foot. I was scared to go to work, but I’m feeling more inspired and motivated then I was before I set off on a 2 week break. Trips and plans are already falling into place, and something I’ve been waiting for, for a while is coming soon (and no it’s not the couch we bought that’s on back order).

To kick 2017’s mantra of ‘figuring myself out’ off, I decided to post some photos of me, in my underwear. SCAN-DAL-OUS. Except, not really. There’s photos of me in bikini’s on the internet, and my underwear actually covers even more than that.

All I ask if for you to keep your negative comments on ‘modesty’, ‘fat shaming’ and more to yourselves, and follow the golden rule, “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Afterall, I’m doing this for myself, not for your enjoyment. Although, if you’re interested in this beautiful two-piece set, check out Naturana Canada to pick up your own, you won’t regret it.

Products in this post were provided free of charge. All thoughts are my own.

  • Those pieces are beautiful! You look amazing Vicki <3

  • I hope that 2017 brings you joy and peace. You look great in the lingerie!