About Vicki


I am a recently graduated University student on the brink of adulthood (even though I’ve been an ‘adult’ for five years…) This blog is my fortay into fashion, food, crafts and whatever other interesting things I find myself doing as a 20-something year old making my way into the professional world.

Things I like to do:

  • Crafts & DIYs
  • Go to Blue Jays games with my family
  • Play baseball, board games & basketball with my family
  • Entertain my friends and family at home
  • Adventure to new places in Toronto, Ontario & across the world
  • Eat popcorn for dinner & cookies for breakfast
  • Talk your ear off about digital influencers, blogging and digital marketing
  • Tweet in my sleep
  • Create to-down photo experiences (aka, taking ‘trendy’ instagram photos)
  • Cook mediocre food (I’m getting better!)
  • Take above average photos of humans getting married, having fun & wearing clothes
  • Take artsy photos of myself (aka, selfies)
  • Eat out at places that are instagram worthy
  • Drink craft beer at various establishments across the city

Things I like to blog about:

  • Crafts & DIYs
  • Recipes & Kitchen Gadgets
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Board Games & Entertaining
  • Events
  • Sports – Blue Jays & Raptors
  • Travelling & Adventures
  • Technology – Apps, Games, Cameras, Software & More!

Want me to work with your brand? I create social media strategies, sponsorsed posts & giveaways, graphic designs and more. Learn more about working with me or check out my portfolio.

I started my ‘career’ in 2015 after graduating from the University of Waterloo. I spent 8 months at a job I didn’t like before finding one I love. Now, I do event stuff for a cool company called Hut2Hut Events that puts on the awesome digital marketing show Dx3 Canada. In my spare, spare time, I volunteer at the co-founder and director of partnerships at the Toronto Chapter of a not-for-profit called Young Women in Business.

florals + teacups is born out of my love for blogging. For the past few years I’ve been blogging under my domain victoriastacey.net, but decided to change things up. While my namesake page still exists, it will continue to be for my professional ventures, and florals + teacups will be for my personal endeavours. There may be some cross-over here and there, but that’s all in the life of a young professional!

Enjoy my crafting experiences, food creations and my fashion ups and downs here on florals & teacups!

ta ta for now,