A Woman Who Cuts Her Hair is About to Change Her Life.

Coco Chanel said it best, a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. I’ve always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to my hair, and have always been experimenting with different colours, styles and lengths over the last 10+ years.

My first time getting my hair coloured professionally was back when I was 12/13 at a salon with my mom where she also got hers done. From then on, it was a yearly experience, usually before school started, where my mom would take me to do something new and fun with my hair. Red, purple, blonde, short, long… it was always something new, and I always thought of it as something I did during back to school for photo day!

After many months of thinking about it, I finally decided to cut my hair shorter than ever before. I’m no stranger to short hair, but I usually keep it around chin length at the longest. This time, I went so short that even a baby ponytail wasn’t going to cut it.

I am always concerned I will look like my brother when I’ve cut my hair, no matter how short it is. I hated it when I left the salon, but grew to love the way it looked, how I played up my feminity with short hair, and how even lower maintenance my hair became.

I’d also say a lot in my life has changed since that fateful haircut day in June. Not only did I decide I loved it, I decided to cut it again instead of growing it out – and I love it even more!

Here’s a bit of a Summer Check-In & Recap of my life since I cut my hair back in June!

This Summer I….

This Fall I am Excited About….

  • Travelling to Nashville next week (we just got back!), and Japan next month!
  • New opportunities doing the things I love!
  • Taking part in the Fall Home Show
  • Being more involved with Young Women in Business Toronto (our Clothing Swap was a blast last week!)
  • Attending StartUp Open House
  • Watching Locke continue her journey of recovery, she amazes us every single day!
  • Reading more books!

Maybe life hasn’t changed drastically, but a lot of the decisions I made this summer have impacted my health, happiness and overall well-being (although, I can certainly tell you I’m more confused then ever). I’m so excited to see how the changing of seasons brings out even more new opportunities and fun!

Have you ever made a change in your life that was also reflected in your appearance? What big things happened for you this summer, and what are you looking forward to about this fall?