6 Kansas City Dates Ideas for Travelling Couples

When traveling with Rowan, I find it important for us to take some time and have proper date nights. While traveling can be exhausting and stressful, especially on a couple, that means more than ever it is important to take time to do something together that you really consider a ‘date’. Not just grabbing food or hanging out in the hostel lounge. In Thailand we considered things like our cooking class, museum trips, movie night, and more as actual dates. It helps keep us from feeling like the trip was just one big date, and allowed time for us to debrief or have a sense of normalcy that we would get at home.

Kansas City is one of the cities in the U.S. that I always think about traveling to. Growing up with baseball, I’ve been interested in seeing the cities of some of Toronto’s biggest competitors. Being right on the border of Kansas and Missouri, you’ve got yourself in a prime location for checking out much of the Midwest. You also can’t beat the great hotels in Kansas City as a perfect spot for a road trip! The drive also isn’t far from St. Louis, Missouri, which boasts one of the best MLB stadiums!

Here are six date ideas for when you are traveling to Kansas City!

Smoked Meats & Entertainment

We were recently in Nashville, and all Rowan could think about was BBQ. I’m sure it would be the same should we head to Kansas City! Not only does Char Bar have a great menu of smoked meats and a great list of beer and cocktails, it also has a literal beer garden. Croquet, bocce ball, ping pong, and cornhole are all on the menu as you challenge your partner to a round of each game!

Visit All the Haunted Houses

While I’m not one for scary things, Kansas City is known as the Haunted House Capital of the U.S. You can check out haunted houses and hospitals and even try and escape a dark, black field with all the creepy creatures you could ever dream of.

Challenge Each Other to a Hot Sauce Competition

Head over to Original Juan’s gift shop and facilities to taste test some of the hottest hot sauces in the world. Challenge your partner to see who can handle the heat!

Check out a Brewery and/or Distillery Tour

How could I make a date list without adding one of my favourite date ideas? Companies like Barley Bus will take you to several breweries and distilleries, and they often include samples. You can also check them out on your own!

Visit a Museum

We almost always end up going to at least one museum when we are traveling to new places! It’s nice to see a museum from another perspective. Kansas City has a ton of museums, whether you are a baseball fan, airline buff, or history enthusiast, there is something for everyone!

Catch a Game

Whether you want to see a baseball game with the Kansas City Royals, a football game with the Chiefs, or even a minor league or local league game, grabbing a hot dog and beer to cheer with the locals is always a good time!

What do you like to do when traveling with your partner? Do you try and have dedicated dates? What is your go-to?