5 Totally Cool Santa Fe Museums

I love to check out museums when I’m travelling! But, it doesn’t have to be your traditional museum. Sure, when we were in Iceland we visited the Icelandic National Museum, but in Thailand, we checked out the 3D Art Museum, and in Japan, we went to the Ramen Museum! In unusual museums, there is the opportunity to learn more about a place through unconventional means, and to me, that’s super cool!

Santa Fe has a lot of really interesting museums for you to check out. And, with Santa Fe being so affordable, you can go and see them all! Some are pretty, some are weird, but all of them are totally cool.

Museum of International Folk Art

The MoIFA believes that folk art has the power to change the world and the lives of the people in it. Showcasing beautiful artisan work from across the world, MoIFA has some gorgeous exhibitions, including one with a variety of quilts from Southwest China — and Lloyd’s Treasure Chest, which offers a participatory experience for people visiting the museum!

The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture


Image via Flickr By ali eminov

If you ever want to check out the beautiful art of those who lived in North America before we did, The Museum of Indian Arts & Culture is a great place to visit! A current exhibitionI-Witness Culture: Frank Buffalo Hyde, looks at where Native American art lives today and the contrast between art in the present and in the past. If you are into fashion, be sure to check out Stepping Out: 10,000 Years of Walking the West, which looks at footwear of the past.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

Image via Flickr By Snap Man

Eleven years after the death of the renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe, this museum opened in Santa Fe. Not only does the museum look at some of her beautiful artwork, it also takes a look at her creative processes and the landscapes that inspired her work. The museum has over 3,000 pieces of her stunning work for you to enjoy. Whether you are a Georgia O’Keeffe superfan or not, this museum offers an in-depth look at a famous artist.

New Mexico Museum of Art

The New Mexico Museum of Art is one of a system of museums in Santa Fe which also includes the aforementioned Museum of Indian Arts & Culture. Believing that art is for everyone, the New Mexico Museum of Art focuses on human experiences and diverse cultures.

Meow Wolf

Image via Flickr By Robotclaw666

Like I said, not every museum has to be traditional. Meow Wolf is an arts collective based out of Santa Fe that is made up of over 100 artists. Their first permanent installation is called House of Eternal Return and feels like something straight out of science fiction (Stranger Things, anyone!?). Definitely a must-see if you are looking for something a bit weird on your trip to Santa Fe!

So, what do you think? Will you be checking out any interesting museums on your next trip to Santa Fe, or elsewhere? Post a comment and let me know which other museums you think I should visit!