5 Reasons to Try Craft Beer on Your Next Trip

Whenever I’m travelling, whether it’s to a city a short ways out of Toronto or to a city far away, one of the things I always do is find a craft brewery and try some of the local craft beers. In Toronto, there are many amazing breweries, and we haven’t even tried them all. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to partner with some of them in the city this year for my Craft Workshops, and I love that they have the idea of collaboration over competition in the space.

I’ve been to craft breweries throughout Ontario, in New York, Iceland, and Cuba, and I can’t wait to try out more! Here are a few reasons you should try craft beer on your next trip:

Chat with the locals

Rowan and I recently took a trip to see his parents north of Toronto, and we decided to check out some of the breweries in Ontario’s cottage country. By sitting down at the small brewery for a few drinks, we were able to chat with the local employees and get to know more about the land the brewery sits on, how they plan to expand, and what having a small brewery in cottage country means for the industry.

Learn more about the brewing process

While we know a lot about how brewing works for many of the Toronto breweries we’ve been to (we’ve been on many tours here!), what we didn’t know was that the process was slightly different in places like Iceland! While on a tour there, we learned that more than 90% of their craft beer is unfiltered, and that one guy is trying to make beer cheaper by growing his own hops and malt — so far, no luck.

Discover new cities

Sometimes, it’s the smaller cities that have the best breweries and can make for the best trips. Take El Paso, for example. While it has around 600,000 people, it has five breweries to check out! El Paso Brewing Co., Deadbeach Brewery, and Ode Brewery all look amazing, and there are a few other brewhouses to check out, too.

By discovering a new city and its craft beer culture, you are automatically exposed to a variety of other great city-wide attractions. There are tons of great hiking spots in and near El Paso, like Franklin Mountains State Park, cultural spots like the Plaza Theatre, and museums like the Museum of Archaeology! Plus, with lots of inexpensive IHG hotels in El Paso in the area, you’re better off sticking to a smaller city for a lot of fun!

Get out of your comfort zone

While my friends and I (mostly) are all over craft beer, sometimes others need a little push. When we were in Havana, Cuba, we stumbled upon a brewhouse on the water serving craft beer. It was definitely a surprise to find — we were so used to drinking the watery “cerveza” from the resort. Everyone loved trying something new, and sitting by the water in Cuba with a craft beer in hand was perfect.

Meet new people

When in Brooklyn, we headed to Brooklyn Brewery to try some of their brews and quickly met a lot of other people who were travelling and staying in the area, as well. The brewery had lots of tourists, and the vibe was a lot of fun! They even had games, so you could take on your new friends in the arcade.

Do you drink craft beer? What are some of your favourite craft breweries around the world? Where should I try next!?

  • My husband would love your post. He is BIG into craft beers and has practically stopped drinking any other form of alcohol.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  • Alison Rost

    My husband and I are huge fans of craft beer. Admittedly, I don’t have the palate he does, but I definitely know what I don’t like. In fact, one of the things we’ve been doing this summer is visiting breweries throughout the state. It’s a fun excuse for a weekend date! x

  • Veronica @inveronicascorner

    Wow I’ve never tried craft beer, but your article makes me want to soon.:) thanks for sharing your experience with it.

  • IG:Suetanyamchorgh

    I’ve never heard of craft brewery before but your post make it seems fun.. Sounds like a lot of fun. I will make sure to add it on my bucket list.

  • Charlsye Miller

    I’m not one who drinks alcohol, but I think it’d be really cool to go check out a brewery and see how it works. Great post.

  • Katrina Sumilang

    I live in CO so craft beer is our language! I’d love to check out other brewing cities. And we happen to be IHG members as well!

  • Kristal Xavier

    Trying beers from other countries it always something I feel makes a huge different from normal.

  • Chi Chi Uguru

    I am not one for alcohol. I think I get light headed quickly my loss I guess. I haven’t heard of craft beer before. This sounds like something my hubby would love.

  • I love trying out new craft brews! Just the other day I tried a Lazy Magnolia Brewery Backwoods Belgian and it hit the spot! Especially when I paired it with a BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich from Pig and Pint in Jackson, MS. That was a fine experience all by itself!

  • I don’t think I’ve ever had craft beer before. I would definitely try it though if given a chance. I’ll have to see about a trip here.

  • Ana Ojha

    Not a beer person and I have never tried Craft beer! But my hubby is fond of it!

  • Momma Addict

    I have always disliked beer but on a recent family adventure with my adult daughters, we went to a local brewery and found a craft beer that I loved! Who knew they made a blueberry beer? Now I can be more adventurous and try others.