4 Cities to Take a Cooking Class

While I love to eat out and try new foods, I’m also a huge fan of trying new foods at home and cooking a great meal. Rowan and I are big fans of cooking together; usually, one of us takes the lead and the other plays sous chef. Something we’ve started to do is take cooking classes together to learn new cuisines and expand our knowledge in food. Rowan is also in the midst of taking courses in beer appreciation and is learning which foods pair best with certain beers, which he often brings home to share with me. Now, when we cook, we keep in mind what beer might pair well, too.

When we were in Thailand, we took a Thai Cooking Class, and that was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Here in Toronto, we had a Valentine’s Day date night, taking a President’s Choice cooking class on a Tuesday evening with a group of other couples.

This is something I highly recommend when travelling. We got to learn something to take home from Thailand with us, learn something unique about the local cuisine, and meet a bunch of really cool people over a tasty meal.

While I’m sure you can find great cooking classes in almost every city you visit, I’ve pulled four cities I think are great places to start.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The last stop on our trip to Thailand was Chiang Mai. We had waited to take the cooking class because we had heard amazing things about the Northern Thai cuisine; we wanted to learn a bit more about it and what made it different. While you can take cooking classes throughout the country, I highly recommend doing it in Chiang Mai, specifically at Thai Farm Cooking School, as our instructor was fantastic, and we even got to take home a cookbook!

Charlotte, North Carolina, US

There are tons of things to do in Charlotte, but one of the top recommended suggestions is to take a cooking class! With so many options close to hotels in the Charlotte area, it’s no surprise that many blogs recommend learning how to cook delicious meals. One of the most popular choices is with Chef Alyssa, learning healthy meals in a variety of cuisines.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Toronto is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, which means we have a lot of damn good food. One of the best parts about Toronto is that you can find a meal in any cuisine you can imagine. You can also find cooking classes for any meal you can imagine! BlogTO (a local Toronto blog) has created a list of the Best Cooking Classes in the city. So many great options for a date or hanging out with your bestie!

Paris, France

France is obviously well known for its food, but also for its baking. What a better place to take a macaron making class than in Paris? TripAdvisor reviewers rate La Cuisine as 5/5 stars, with great recommendations, such as, “This is the best macaron cooking class in Paris!”

Have you taken a cooking class? What are your favourite cuisines to learn? What are your favourite cities to take cooking classes in?